Akarsh Kumar

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I want to understand intelligence and all the processes that emerge it.

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Research Interests

Broadly, I want to create+analyze artificial intelligence (AI) agents that reason+learn more efficiently+robustly in increasingly complex environments.
Specifically, I am interested in neural networks (NNs), reinforcement learning (RL), and meta-learning combined in the framework of AI Generating Algorithms (AIGAs).
Technically, I want to implement these ideas by combining stochastic gradient descent (SGD) with quality-diverse and open-ended evolutionary computation.


I am currently a senior at UT Austin studying Electrical/Computer Engineering.
I am currently doing RL research in LARG with Dr. Peter Stone and Dr. Risto Miikkulainen.
Before that I worked with Dr. Alexander Huth on visually estimating contact forces in hand-object interaction.
Before that, I went to highschool in the Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences, and the Arts.

Here is my CV.

My Philosophies

Philosophy for Scientific Research

Why should you or I go into science? The real question is Why shouldn't we?
If you've ever read the Maze Runner or seen the movie (spoiler alert), you know its about a group of teenagers who are stuck in a maze with their memories wiped. They don't know why or how they got there. All they know is that they have each other, some food and supplies that come every month, and the complex changing maze with monsters in it. They could chose to build a farm, start civilization, and start living there forever. They definitely did the first two, but importantly did not settle for the third. They started exploring the maze everyday, recognizing all the patterns they could. They were searching for a way out. The sole reason for this was human curiousity; they had no knowledge of the outside world or if it even existed. This curiousity led them to run the maze everyday, almost die to the monsters many times, but importantly, eventually find a way out and unlock an understanding of something profound: why they were brought there and what's on the outside.

This is exactly how I see the real world. Everyday, we wake up with consiousness carry out our schedules. But why? Why this beautiful and ugly world? Why our society? Why our conciousness? Why we are here? How did we get here? What is outside our reality? These are the oldest, deepest, and most profound questions humans have ever asked. Studying science is the best and most rigorous way of trying to answering these questions. I'm especially interested in AI because it will give insights into how intelligence and consciousness may emerge in complex systems like our mind.

Here is a much better explanation for what I want to say:
Philosophy for AI Research

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